Su Sartizzu

Salumificio Campidanese Su Sartizzu

In Monastir, a sunny and quiet village 20 Km. from Cagliari, the passion for the good cookery has been transformed into an art which is handed on from father to son.

The secrets of the family recipes have always been jealously guarded, with the same kind of pride the most precious jewels are handed down.

In the secret of the patios of the typical houses in the geographical area of the "Campidano" were prepared the most flavourful, delicious and precious salted-meat delicatessen in order to celebrate cheerfully the abundance of the crop.

Still today the Salumificio Campidanese Su Sartizzu® preserves with identical jealousy antique family recipes and pursues the same care of the particular and the same passion handed down from the past generations in order to produce salted-meat delicatessen with a unique and inimitable taste.

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Salumificio Campidanese Su Sartizzu di Fois Barbara
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