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Su Sartizzu®, the Campidanese (i.e. located in the geographical area of the Campidano, southern Sardinia) delicatessen factory can boast an experience born long ago, in 1927, when the father, Giorgio, pork-butcher and great connoisseur of meat, and the mother, Fedora, herself famous in the village for her culinary endowments and her love for the local typical cuisine, decided to dedicate their life to the family business, preparing (initially just for a few and close friends) traditional salted-meat salami distinguished by a unique and unmistakable taste.

The experience was handed on to their son Ignazio and since 1968 to his wife Barbara Fois who shares the same passion for treating meat according to the tradition. While carrying on this activity Barbara has acquired from her mother in law, Fedora, all the old recepies, including those of the local typical salted-meat delicatessen, rendering them a treasure, together with her husband, which, in the long run, is constantly enriched with their knowledge.

The Salumificio Campidanese Su Sartizzu® was born in 1988 and there you can find all the experience and professionality acquired in many years and which today, in their turn, Ignazio and Barbara, are jealously transmitting to their children Lorenzo and Nicola.

The Salumificio Campidanese Su Sartizzu® is a reliable family-run firm the traditional roots of which, today as in the past, allow to guarantee quality and characteristics of a product with a definite taste, well balanced in the fat parts quantity, never in excess, and is able to warrant the meat quality, always fresh. As a confirmation of the above, the Salumificio Campidanese Su Sartizzu® is authorized to affix the EEC seal on their products.

Moreover, inside their laboratories are carried out regular inspections concerning the H.A.C.C.P. requirements according to the law by decree 155/97.
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