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Since the remote ages, the pig was reared at home until he became adult, then its meat was processed in order to obtain food provision for a whole year.
In the Campidano area, South Sardinia rich and green flat country, it's a tradition to prepare sausages, mustela, pancetta, prosciutto (ham) and salami with the characteristic of being genuine, composed of pork-meat exclusively, pulpy and without much grease, seasoned with salt, pepper and aromatic herbs, typical of the area.
The different cuts of meat, seasoned in such a way, following to the antique tradition, assume a pinkish colour and a velvety finishing and become soft and aromatic with a slightly hot, wild and genuine taste. Following the antique recepies spices and aromas are proportioned, then are mixed with expert seasoning procedures, in order to produce even today those genuine salami which preserve all the taste and the parfume of antique traditions.
The products of the Salumificio Campidanese Su Sartizzu® are dedicated to all those consumers, (fond of the exquisite Sardinian gastronomy), who more and more realize that those particular flavours of days gone by are disappearing and that even by only tasting samples of various products, are able to recognize and appreciate the genuinity of the Sardinian tradition and, moreover, are dedicated to all those turists which research and love to discover the antique and characteristic gastronomic flavours of the land hosting them.



salsicce tipiche sarde

salami e testa in cassetta

pancetta e guanciale

mustela e capocollo



  • Salsiccia Sarda Campidanese
    The sausage "salsìccia" or "salcìccia" is made of pork-meat, minced, salted, aromatized and put inside small-diameter intestine skin; then by means of a string tied in knots it is subdivided into segments along its whole length.
    The traditional form of sausages weighing about 400 gr. each, 40-43 mm. thick, with a low percentage of fat, faithfully reproduces the antique recipe, conserving the typical taste of the local gastronomy.
  • Salsiccia fine Sa Cannàcca
    The sausage "salsìccia" or "salciccia" is made of pork-meat, minced, salted, aromatized and put inside small-diameter intestine skin; then by means of a string tied in knots it is subdivided into segments along its whole length.
    Well-manufactured product ranging from 250 to 400 gr. of weight, 24-26 mm. thick, made only and exclusively with fat-free chosen pulp. The perfect equilibrium of the aromas makes it a unique product for taste and limited content of fat. The origin of its name is phoenician and derives from the hebrew "Ghanàc" or "guttur" which signifies neck, from here the shape of a necklace. Commonly people ask for a "necklace" of sausage for its specific form.
  • Salame Nostrano
    Salame consists in salted-meat contained into a pork intestine skin consisting in minced lean meat, seasoned also with grains of pepper, and containing also little pieces of fat: usually it is eaten raw and sliced after a convenient aging period.
    Small salami ("salamini") already aged of weight ranging from 500 and 1,200 gr. and having a size suitable both for sale, in whole single pieces, or in slices. Their taste is sweet and it looks as being made of very lean meat with coarse grain.
  • Testa in cassetta
    Cooked product of Sardinian tradition, flavoured with "pinoli" (pine-tree seeds) and walnuts, according to a typical recipe of the "Campidano" area. It is available in different sizes packed in an airtight container to maintain freshness.
  • Pancétta Tesa
    "Pancetta" (bacon) is the fat layer coming from the pork belly area.
    Classical seasoned bacon, in one layer and raw, supplied as a whole to be sold at the store counter or in thick slices packed under vacuum. It is available in two different tastes according to the seasoning: the first one enriched with pepper and slightly hot, the other one sweet and spice flavoured.
  • Guanciale
    The "guanciale" is bacon-fat with lean meat veining obtained from the pork salted jaw meat.
    The "guanciale is a typical product of full-grown pork, aged and with the right amount of pepper and not too reduced in size. It is suitable to be sold at the stores counter or in pieces weighing over 1,500 grams.
  • Mustèla
    From the adult full-grown pork counterfillet, flavoured and aged for as much as 50 days, is obtained the Sardinian "mustela" having a sweet yet slightly peppery flavour. It is a typical product of Sardinia and is presented in pieces weighing about 1,500 gr. or in packaged pieces. It has a lengthwise shape because obtained from the back of the pork. Its name derives from the Carnivorous Mammals "Mustelides Mustelini" (Mustela) which are animals with a thin and long body.
  • Capocòllo
    The "capocòllo" or "capicòllo" is a salted-meat product coming from the pork head and neck.
    Lean, not too hot, with a slight zest of pepper and aromas,i t has its origin from the best full-grown porks, it comes in pieces of about 1,000 gr. and, moreover, this product has to be aged for at least 65 days.

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