Typical Sardinian Recipes with our salted-meat products

Polenta o Fregola con Salsiccia tipica Campidanese

(Polenta or fregola with typical sausage of the "Campidano" area)

  • Ingredients for 4 persons
    • 300 gr. "Fregola Sarda" (product similar to a coarse cous-cous) or "polenta";
    • 150 gr. Salsiccia tipica Campidanese (typical sardinian sausage of the "Campidano area) undergone through brief ageing;
    • 40 gr. Fresh onions;
    • No. 4 Peeled tomatoes, possibly fresh;
    • No. 5 spoons of virgin olive oil
  • Procedure
    • Pour the olive oil in a rather large frying-pan,
      heat the onions until golden,
      add the tomatoes and then the typical sausage cut into small pieces, then the "Fregola Sarda" (or "polenta") and continue cooking everything by adding hot meat broth for 15 minutes (same time for the "polenta").
      Put inside a bowl and enjoy it still steaming hot.
      This dish is to be served preferably with red wine.

Gnocchetti Tipici Sardi con Salsiccia tipica Campidanese

(Typical Sardinian small dumplings with sausage of the "Campidano" area)

  • Ingredients for 4 persons
    • 500 gr. "gnocchetti sardi" (Sardinian small dumplings)
    • 250 gr. typical sausage of the Campidano area (briefly aged)
    • No. 1 small onion
    • 70 gr. grated and well seasoned typical Sardinian "Pecorino" cheese
    • No. 5 tablespoons of virgin olive oil
    • 500 gr. peeled tomatoes
  • Procedure
    • Cut the typical "Campidano" area sausage into dice;
      cook the onion until golden;
      add the peeled tomatoes together with the typical sausage of the "Campidano" area, and when the boiling temperature is reached, let it simmer for 30 minutes;
      during the above sauce preparation, bring to a boiling point No. 2 litres of salted water, pour the "gnocchetti" (i.e. dumplings) in it and let them boil for 20 minutes.
      When everything is cooked put the food inside a bowl, and mix the "gnocchetti" with the above sauce and the "Pecorino" cheese.

Fave lesse con Salsiccia tipica Campidanese

(Boiled broad-beans with typical sausage of the "Campidano" area)

  • Ingredients for 4 persons
    • No. 1 Kg. of broad beans
    • 400 gr. typical Sardinian sausage of the "Campidano" area, well aged.
    • 50 gr. virgin olive oil
    • 30 gr. balsamic vinegar
  • Procedure
    • Place the broad-beans in abt. 3 litres of salted cold water and cook gently until necessary;
      add the typical Sardinian sausage of the "Campidano" area cut into big dice,
      continue cooking for 5 minutes and strain everything,
      put the food inside a bowl, add the olive oil and the balsamic vinegar and serve at room temperature.

Crostini con Guanciale

(Toasted bread with bacon-fat)

  • Ingredients for 4 persons
    • No. 1 kg. of bread
    • 200 gr. of Guanciale (bacon-fat veined with jaw-meat)
  • Procedure
    • Cut the bread into thin round slices and put them inside a baking pan in the oven until they assume a nice golden colour, or, if in possess of a fireplace, grill the bread over the embers.
      Cut the "Guanciale" into small slices and put them over the bread, still warm.
      Serve immediately. The impression is that the "Guanciale" is melting on top of the crunchy bread.

Uova fritte con Guanciale

(Fried eggs with bacon-fat)

  • Ingredients for 4 persons
    • No. 8 fresh eggs
    • 200 gr. "Guanciale" (bacon-fat veined with jaw-meat)
    • 30 olive oil
    • No. 1 green onion
  • Procedure
    • Cut the "Guanciale" into very thin slices, employ a rather large frying-pan and put on the bottom of it about half of the sliced "Guanciale;
      add over it very thin sliced onions;
      pour the whole eggs over it;
      cover the eggs with the other half of "Guanciale" slices;
      cook about 3 minutes and serve immediately very warm.

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